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Accessories For Cable Glands 


All Cableacc  Cable Glands, its Accessories and all other electrical installation equipment are manufactured under strict and rigid quality control supervision.

This involves a complete set of working practices, disciplines and procedures implemented at each stage of manufacturing programmes, starting from suitable raw material scrutiny, precision machining processes to close tolerances, rigid inspection of the end products to final dispatch to customers.
As a result, all Cableacc products - BW CW E1W A2 CXT AXE CXT Marine Cable glands ensure a uniform standard of quality and safety assurances. So, always ensure before purchasing our products with registered trade mark Cableacc for quality assurance.

In whatever way you expect, we are at your services. When you specify cableacc products, you will find a fresh approach to Cable Glands. We provide, free fast and friendly advice. We can provide whatever Glands you need, suitably packed and delivered - how, when and where you want them.


We aim to respond immediately to your enquiries, and thanks to the 'CUSTOMER FIRST' attitudes in our factory, we can deliver your orders when you need them.


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